A unique tour along the north east coast of Corfu. 7 hour tour

Another very interesting mini bus all day tour, that you can choose upon your visit on the beautiful Corfu island is on the north side of Corfu. As always your tour will start from the port. No matter if you are with your friend or your group of friends your mini bus will be expecting you outside the main entrance of the Port just a few meters distance from your cruise ship. In the pleasant, always clean and fresh environment of your mini bus your tour to the North side of Corfu island beggins from the famous Ipsos village.

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1- Ipsos Village.

Ipsos is the most favorable destination of Corfu for English young people. It combines a beautiful sandy beach, throughout the whole main road of the Village, and numerous night clubs, bars, restaurants and touristic shops open almost all day and night, offering to its visitors unforgettable summer holidays.
Behind the village, you can admire the tallest mountain of Corfu island Pantokratoras which compining with the blue crystal water on the bottom of the hill at Ipsos beach, it creates a unique scenery for the village. Pantokratoras is the mountain that we will be heading continuing our mini bus tour. On the road to Pantokratoras we will meet the old traditional village Spartillas. And this can be our next short stop before to Pantokratoras.
Another excellent and unique product of Theotoky Estate is the organic extra virgin olive oil and the mouth-watering olives exported across Europe and beyond. Your will be offered to taste them and of course if you would like to purchase some. Theotoky Estate is one of the few ecological parks left and you will be continueing your mini bus tour filled with the uplifting energy of the atmosphere oxygen, the sun and the unique wine and food products of Theotoky’s Estate.
Next stop will be the traditional old Corfu village Sinarades.

2- Spartilas Village.

The village is literally “hung” on the steep southern slope of the Pantokratoras mountain. Is one of the oldest villages of Corfu with the same traditional structure as most of the Corfu villages have, the narrow streets between the houses and 5 beautiful churches inside the village. From Spartillas the view of the island and Albania mountains opposite Corfu island, is unique. From Spartillas we will be continuing to Pantokratoras.

3- Pantokratoras Mountain.

Pantokratoras is the highest mountain of Corfu, enabling the visitors to admire the Ionian Sea, the Albanian mountains and the beautiful Corfiot villages. On top of Pantokratoras mountain at an altitude of 917m it is built the Monastery of Pantokratoras. It is a highly renowned monastery and the visitors to the Monastery can admire the numerous paintings and silver shirts. In the monastery now lives only a monk which will guide you to the church. Next stop will be Strinilla village.

4- Strinilas Village.

This is the village where most visitors after visiting Pantokratoras stop for lunch. The view to the other side of Corfu island, the northwest part and the excellent local food tastes that is offered from the few tavernas of the village will reward you for our choice. Continuing our mini bus tour, passing through villages that are hanging at the edge of the hills like Ag. Martinos we head to Acharavi.

5- Acharavi.

The village of Acharavi is built on a flat area full of pine and olive oil trees. Particularly impressive in the village is the extensive sandy beach, which is one of the largest in Corfu. Its length is over 8 km and the shallow crystal blue waters are ideal for young children.
It is a well organized beach with water sports facilities and games. Acharavi is a busy and lively resort with numerous shops, tavernas, restaurants and bars. Behind the resort from the bottom of the surrounded hills, start many walking paths leading to Pantokratoras and the other close mountain villages.
These paths are part of the Corfu trail. Depending on your preferences and your mud you can choose either to have a long or a short stay in Acharavi village, for a coffee or a drink or even to “taste” the refreshing sea waters and enjoying the warm energy of the sun at Acharavi beach.

6- Kassiopi Village.

Kassiopi flourished during the Roman period and according to the tradition, it had been visited by the emperor Nero. In the village you can visit the ruins of a fortress which is considered to be one of the strongest fortresses of the Corfiot countryside and also the most important religious monument of northern Corfu, the church of Panagia Kassopitras, which is said to be built on the foundations of the ancient temple of Zeus of Kassiopi.
The church was built in the early years of Christianity, was destroyed by the Turks and rebuilt by the Venetians in 1580. Leaving Kassiopi village, filled with the best pictures from the north part of Corfu your mini bus tour comes to its end. You will be driven back to the port, exactly where your tour had started ready to get back on board on your cruise ship heading to your next cruise destination

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