Who we are?

Our company operates in the tourism sector for more than 20 years with main objective our tailored made private tours as well as the transportation of our visitors to wherever they want to go.

Our first concern all these years is to remain a local company with a personality that is distinguished for our hosting ... our interest to communicate with the visitor ... to laugh with him ... to show "non-commercial" parts of the island and make him feel as many emotions as possible at Corfu.

Having compatible prices, Corfu Private Tours offers a private tour package that gives the visitor of Corfu a different view than the "standard" in all our tours and for every kind of visitor at reasonable prices.

Our Mission

Through our tours we want to give our guests the experience of being Corfiot by  enhancing them  to the spectacular green mountains and forests, the crystal blue waters of the Ionian, the local traditions and villages as well as the homemade Corfiot cuisine.

Why you should choose us?

You will be picked up at the entrance of your hotel or the main port if you are a cruise traveler, and through your tour you will be offered VIP services, in an air-conditioned, non-smoking environment, with a fridge and a TV and free drinking bottled water offered throughout your mini bus tour to keep you fresh.

Our mini bus offers private and small groups tours, but we can even organize a bus tour if your group of people exceeds the number of 16 people. All the Corfu tours can be changed according to your preferences and we can even arrange a guide to follow you so that you get all the historical information for the places you will be visiting.

Our mini bus Corfu tours are flexible to your preferences, unique with their visiting places, affordable with its prices and always on time following your time schedule.

Our mini bus private tours company has been created to satisfy even the strangest preferences and demands for a Corfu tour. We make sure that you will taste the Corfiot life style, making you feel like a local and not just as a visitor or a tourist.

Spiros Tsirigotis.

Your personal driver.

We welcome you and wishing you an unforgettable visit on Corfu island.


Contact Spiros

Each short, half day or all day tour can always be changed according to your preferences before or during your Corfu tour. We are here always at your services to make your Corfu tour an unforgettable pleasant experience.