Do you have very little time at your disposal? Then choose the Best of Corfu tour! 4 hour tour.

If you have very little time at your disposal but wish to taste some of Corfu Island's famous beauty this 4 hour excursion is for you. Breathtaking views over the island's east coast from the equally enchanting Achilleion Palace built by the Empress of Austria, "Princess Sissy", and a boat trip ride off the dramatic western coast make this BEST OF CORFU excursion not to be missed

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1- Achilleion Palace.

Achilleion Palace is located upon a hill past the traditional Corfu village of Gastouri. A strange sense of awe overwhelms anyone that gazes over the imposing form of the Palace which dominates the area with its presence, residing between the cypress trees and other exotic plants and flowers which surround it.
The palace was built for the Empress Elisabeth and Emperor William II of Austria purchased it after her untimely death. Upon entering the palace you will be amazed by the beautiful gardens that surround it and the invaluable pieces of art such as the ancient Greek statues of Zeus and Era and other smaller statues and sculptures.
The palace ceilings and wall paintings commissioned by Elizabeth reveal the Empress’ cultivated spirit and are now considered priceless. The palace gardens are decorated with further examples of neoclassical art such as the Peristile of the Muses and the Achilleion trademark statue of the Dying Achilles as he tries to remove the spear from his ankle.
As we travel across to Paleokastritsa on the west coast you are able to catch your breath whilst you take in images of central Corfu's countryside. As we pass through Perama you shall be able to see Pontikonisi Island and a glimpse of Pelekas Village further inland as we head towards the second half of this excursion.

2- Paleokastritsa.

Paleokastritsa is located on the northwest coast of Corfu. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages of Corfu. It consists of six different small coasts and rocky beaches with crystal blue sea water. From almost each coast small boats can take you on a boat trip to the caves that can be found along its coastline to admire the crystal water and the beauty of the nature.
There are two most known and important caves that you will be visiting. The first one is called Nausika Cave, named after the daughter of the King of the Pheaceans. It is said that she found Odysseus here and nursed him back to health. The second is called Blue Eye due to a patch of incredibly blue water which resembles an eye.
Above the main coast on a hillside full of wild trees and olive trees facing the deep blue sea stand the Monastery of Theotokos. The Monastery was built around 12th century and inside in one of the cells a museum has been founded with Byzantine and post Byzantine icons. In the main courtyard of the monastery there is also an old well where you can throw a coin and make a wish which with the blessings of Virgin Mary Theotokos is said to come true.
The excursion will end outside the main entrance of the Port, exactly where your Best of Corfu tour started having experienced Corfu Island's unique beauty for yourself.

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