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Half day tour in Corfu

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If you prefer an full day mini bus tour let us know your preferences and we will plan the tour for you. Usually there are three main routes followed from most of cruise Corfu visitors. You are free to choose any of them, or even make your own changes and adjustments on the tour to make it an unforgettable pleasant experience ideally suitable for you and your group friends. Full day tour always starts from the port. Your mini bus will be waiting for you just in front of the main entrance of  the port a few meters away from your cruise ship. In a pleasant environment always air conditioned and clean, with free bottled water offered during your tour we head to first visiting destination Achilleion Palace.


Achilleion Palace

The Achilleion palace is located upon a hill on the traditional Corfu village Gastouri. A strange sense of awe overwhelms anyone that gazes over the imposing form of the Palace which dominates the area with its presence, residing between the cypress trees and other exotic plants and flowers which surround it. It was built from the Empress Elizabeth. It is situated on the top of a hill in the traditional Corfu village Gastouri. Arriving just outside from the Palace amazed by its unique beauty of the outside garden area, but also from the inside wall drawings and the statues and monuments of Zeus, Era, the Peristyles of the Muses and the magnificent ‘ Dying Achilles ‘ statue which represents Achilles dying trying to remove the spear from his ankle. It is the largest statue of Achilles, with unbelievable dimensions, which presents Achilles in a moment of victory.


Mon Repos

Mon Repos Corfu toursMon Repo park is a beautiful forest park inside of which is located the former summer residency of Queen of Greece, Konstantinos. The villa now, has become a museum open to all visitors. Further into the forest in Mon Repo’s Park there is a small Doric temple probably dedicated to Poseidon and dating from around 500 BC. Following a the path that is now created the tour into Mon Repo will lead you to the spring of Kardaki, by the sea. The spring with its water flowing from the mouth of a lion, is reputed to never dry up. According to the tradition, anyone who drinks from it is destined to return to Corfu. Next stop the old Fortress into the Old Corfu Town Center.

Old Fortress – Old Corfu Town

corfu tours old corfu town tourAfter this, relax in the privacy and comfort of your mini bus. Our driver will drive you to the old Corfu town center where you are able to visit the old Fortress of  Corfu, do some shopping into the venetian style Corfu Town shops, have a coffee in the famous Liston and get the blessings from the Miracle-Worker, Saint Spyridon by your visit into the main Church of Corfu, Saint Spyridon Church. Just before your cruise ships sales away you will be driven outside the main entrance of the Port, exactly  where your Corfu tour had started having after all this places a pretty good idea of the unique beauty of Corfu island.


Saint Spyridon Church

Saint Spyridon Church - Corfu ToursLast stop Saint Spyridon Church in the heart of Old Corfu Town. The church was built in 1596 to house the relics. According to the local people Saint Spyridon, know also as the Miracle-Worker, has brought them safely through many trials, frightening both cholera and the Turks away from his beloved worshipers. It is the main Church of Corfu and a tremendous monument.

So with the blessings of Saint Spyridon your mini bus tour comes to its end. You will be transferred to the point where your tour had started, just outside the main entrance of the port, a few meters from your cruise ship, from where you can get back on board of your cruise ship filled with all these new pictures of the sceneries of the different places from your mini bus tour around Corfu Island.


Greca Synagogue

Greca Synagogue (Scuola Greca or Tempio Greco)Before the Second World War around 5,000 jews were living in Corfu Town that lived in the island at least for 1800 years. In the 12th century, according to historian Gregorovius, only one jude lived in Corfu but in the 13th century, during the Angevins sovereignity, many jews had been transpoted to the island. The next big influx of Jews occured in 1493, caused by the presecution of the spanish and portuguese jewish population. In 1549, more Jews arrived from the Apulia region of Italy who joined the the spanish and portuguese ones and were rivals with the other older jewish community, called "Romaniotiki". In 1577, there were 400 Jews living in Corfu. Most of them lived in the Campiello district, which back then was also called "Ovreovouni" (greek for "Jewish Hill"). In 1622, the venetian authorities forced the Jewish population to leave Campiello and move to the area between Porta Reale and Porta di Spilia. This area later was known as "Evraiki", which means "Jewish quarter", a name that still survives up to our days. The community was flourishing until the 1940s when most of them died in Auswitz by the germans. Nowadays, there are around 120 corfiot jews still living in the island.

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